Thursday, December 10, 2009

TL;DR Prudence (12/10): Answers in 15 words or fewer.

Source material on Slate, and my personal favorite take on science vs. childhood wonderment on the Straight Dope.

Yes Virginia, now Santa's doin' time/In a federal prison for his infamous crime:

1) As long as there are children who believe, Santa Claus will always be real.

2) Nothing says "protection racket" quite like Christmas at the office, eh?

3) I'm like your husband; I get a lot of Best Buy gift cards. Satisfaction guaranteed!

4) Someone convince me that the Abrahamic god isn't evil. 'Cause I'm not buyin' it.

Who wants to form posse, hunt down LW1's baby daddy, dispense frontier justice?


  1. Frontier justice! Yeah! Be sure to take Rudolf with you, that'll terrify the unbelieving spoiler quitter of a father!

  2. Great stuff, Fox. I'm with you. Perhaps we can force feed the bastard some of Pete Schweddy's Famous Holiday Schweddy Balls as made famous by NPR's 'Delicious Dish'.