Monday, December 7, 2009

TL;DR Live! (12/7): Answers in 15 words or fewer.

Source material as always is here.

My marriage looks like the Japanese bombed it. Divorce City. I'm angry. Beware, folks.

Vegan Alternative: Whoopee. A PeTA-sucker B12-deprived weenie. Family should boycott you.

Ravens Roadie: Bros before hos. My bro would be my first choice for Pats roadie too.

Gretzky Has The Ball: Silly woman, sports are for boys! Yoffe's a stereotype man-hater.

Divorce Mess: Or, if you're my wife, because a decent, strong, loving man ain't good enough.

Free-Gifting: If I drew "sew", it'd give new meaning to "held together by a thread".

Gimme a Break (Room): Unemployment is HOW high? Shut your face and get back to work.

Army Wife: Give the guy a break. He could get blown up tomorrow. Let him be generous!

Vegan Alternative: At my place, you want a vegan alternative, eat parsley sprig on the steak.

"The Other Woman": If he's that unhappy, he's still off-limits until he (or she) ditches. Keep clear.

Road to Hell: Sister's a bitch. You did good, now tell others "I only help DECENT people."

Vegan Whiner: What Prudie said. Now is not time for uptight moralizing (keep Christ in Christmas? Humbug!)

"Birthday Weekend": What, you've never used bday as excuse for enjoying multiple days? Poor sucker.

Dealing with Old Enemies: Brilliant! The "best man" sure lived up to his name! Bravo!

Blessed Be: Oh, for Christ's sake! I'm a pagan and I just think of MY gods.

HS Drama Queen: Here's the difference; they have lives. You're still seventeen at heart. Grow up.

No libido: I'll bring the Astroglide for your therapy. Let's play. America? Unpossible!: Like Prudie said. Snark dispensers would be out of work. There's recession going on!

Bitter? My life tastes like pure quinine right now. Bah.

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