Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TL;DR Prudence (11/25): Answers in 15 words or fewer.

Material of sourcings for make happy many readers in Kazakhstan.

The gods told me to snark on Prudie's letter writers:

1) Run, don't walk. This guy's short trip from Palinesque wing nut territory.

2) Working with Steve Urkel in drag must be a trip! Some folks are like that.

3) Vandelay Industries, how may I help you? I say play along for Dad's sake.

4) What Prudie said. Good gods, WHAT PRUDIE SAID. Domestic violence is everyone's business.

Listening to Beethoven's Ninth in class---that's something to be thankful for!


  1. Excellent stuff. I especially love that the gods told you to snark on Prudie's letter writers. Next week, will they tell you to snark again? I hope! :-)

  2. ..and don't forget the goddesses....they rerally know their snarks!