Friday, February 26, 2010

Program Note: Slate Fray Found Murdered in Ditch

Good old King Jeremy the Wicked at Slate insisted that the Fray could live parallel to their new JSKit easily moderated, transparent, public, discussion-killing comments thingy on their articles.

Well, TL;DR has seen its weekly pageviews fall by more than half.  Either everyone is sick of this feature and left it in droves or, more likely, nobody realizes the Fray exists anymore because the only proof of its existence is a teensy-weensy Brazilian bikini-sized link next to the giant buttons leading to the JSKit comments section.  Doesn't take Occam to figure this one out.

The upshot?  The Fly will now be the exclusive carrier of TL;DR Prudence.  I see no purpose in posting on Slate anymore when the only people who are going to read it there are probably the same people who already read it here.

Fuck you, Jeremy.

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