Thursday, October 22, 2009

TL;DR Prudence (10/22): Answers in 15 words or fewer.

Want source material so you can follow along? Slate, October 22.

Ultra Hyper Fighting Championship Edition IV Alpha Happy Yum Yum Wow:

1. If it were any other girl, you'd think "he's fucking her." And rightly so. Creepy!

2. Lecherous guests hit on you. You show them painting. Say "no real thing, sorry."

3. He's dead to you, may as well be dead to her. Sounds fair, you slut.

4. Tell security. Film response. Put it on YouTube. Send me the link. Comedy gold!

Midterms? Done. Grades? 3.9. Me: Kool-Aid Man. "Oh yeah!"

(as an aside, #3 is causing a monumental shitstorm. Apparently "good writers" aren't allowed the occasional challenge to themselves to see who they can offend.)


  1. Monsterdog! I am SO GLAD to see you on the Fly! I always looked forward to your posts. I know from reading this most recent post on the Fray that you caused quite a rucous with your answer to #3. I thought it was LOL funny. & I'm a woman.

  2. Pardon me for asking, but I know a lot of Jennifers in the world---which Slate poster are you?

  3. Shamefacedly, I must admit I was a lurker. I always read DP days after they posted, so by the time I got to the Fray all of you guys were long gone.