Monday, October 26, 2009

TL;DR Live! (10/26): Answers in 15 words or fewer.

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My brain is overloading; it has a chocolate coating. (Textbook case for Sigmund Freud!)

Tampa Bay, 0-7: That's not a wife. It's a roommate and fuck buddy. Ditch your wedding plans.

Dallas: Is father-in-law on sex offender registry? No? Then where's the problem?

Foot Lauderdale: Buy flimsy furniture, set up camera. Gods, I love YouTube!

Detroit: Turnabout is fair play. Text beau's dad back with photos of you fucking his son.

Houston: What a guy. Send him happy photos of you and half-sister, twist that knife!

V for (Childish) Vendetta: Normally I'd say "childish freakout", but hubby sounds like he's hiding something. Like mistress.

Fairfax: "No problem" belongs on same pile as "You need to..." Modern American barbarism, methinks.

Seattle: One thing to make lout sleep on couch; quite another to say "nice fuck, bye."

Washington: Twist knife: "Your son was dumb luck. I wouldn't trust you to mommy a rat."

Austin: For jealous rage, Old Testament God has nothing on religious zealots!

Toronto: Say "Looks like she traded one cancer for another. Your charity's malignant, eh?"

Chicago: Apparently your "success" doesn't include family values. Boyfriend should ditch you, find better future mom.

Washington: I call this "gender equity." I've gained two pounds in five years married. Nag hubby!

Nor'Easter: He's a dick. Better not to keep company with such dishonest sleaze.

No prob, dude: Or give it an ethnic flavor: "De nada."

Rhode Island Red: Theory, schmoery. People say what they picked up along the way.

King Jeremy the Wicked ruled his world...Jeremy spoke in class today.

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  1. Chicago really is a suck-up. Complaining that he's not around for V Day, but "like you" doesn't care about it. If she didn't care, why did she bring it up? Definitely not a match made in heaven.